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Dehumidifier Heat Pipe

DEHUMIDIFIER HEAT PIPE is the new revolutionary software for the selection and the design of monoflat and wrap-around heat pipe exchangers. This software is intended for companies in the HVACR industry that mainly operate in environments with very high temperature and humidity and allows you to calculate various heat pipe models with different types of Geometry and sizes in the user’s Catalogue.

  • DEHUMIDIFIER HEAT PIPE enables calculation of different heat pipe models
  • Models include Monoflat and wrap-around designs
  • Various geometry options are available
  • Heat pipe sizes from the user’s catalogue can be entered and analysed
  • DEHUMIDIFIER HEAT PIPE facilitates utilization of horseshoe and Monoflat heat pipe alongside the primary cooling coil
  • This helps in Increased dehumidification capacity and Reduced energy consumption without any extra cost
  • Get a comprehensive view of your designs with our easy-to-use 2D and 3D capabilities
  • Sketch drawing exportation in DWG format

Screenshots of Software