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XSHARK is the go-to electronic catalogue for seamless selection and estimation of Chillers, Heat pumps, roof-top units, and air conditioning units. Our user-friendly graphic interface empowers you to customize data, making unit creation a breeze. Simplify your HVAC projects with XSHARK.

  • HVACR industry sales software for quick unit selection, ratings, and effortless commercial offer generation
  • Ideal for agents, distributors, and sales departments
  • Add series, subseries, prices, accessories, unit performance, and personalized warnings easily
  • Calculates seasonal/annual energy, capacity, efficiency, etc. considering geographical conditions
  • Also carry out Seasonal simulation, part load simulation & energy saving simulation
  • Empower your sales force with a powerful tool for efficiency and productivity
  • STATISTICAL ANALYSIS (on demand): Gathers user access, agent offer counts, product and price ranges, deal duration, unit types, quantities, accessories, refrigerant preferences, and selection conditions—comprehensive data for analytics
  • Detailed Reports: Generate final reports with technical data, performance metrics, and dimensional drawings
  • Customizable: Tailor reports to your needs, adding your company’s details and logo for a professional touch
  • XSHARK is web-ready! Commercial selection software accessible anywhere with customized appearance, printouts, and responsive interface for sales teams
  • Auto Debug Selection Software (On demand): Spot errors in capacity and output data in minutes. Set a reference checkpoint and compare with new data
  • Instantly computes machines under various conditions, pinpoints discrepancies from the reference, and generates detailed per-series reports with error logs and percentage differences

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