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Special Application

COILS SPECIAL APPLICATIONS, or SIMULATION, introduces a dedicated module within COILS SUITE. This module focuses on simulating series-connected air side coils and parallel-connected fluid side coils. Its unique capability lies in simulating diverse coils supplied by different fluids, where one coil’s outlet air temperature seamlessly feeds into the next coil’s inlet.


  • The initial module, LT-HT, computes two HEATING or COOLING coils connected in series on the air side and in parallel (using distinct fluids) on the fluid side
  • Comprises two heating or cooling coils arranged in series on the air side
  • Also connected in parallel on the fluid side (handling more than two coils is feasible)
  • Air flows through both coils in series
  • Fluid side fed individually (e.g., water and water-glycol mixture)
  • Inlet and airflow conditions determine the first coil’s outlet temperature, becoming the second coil’s inlet
  • Enables diverse possibilities: dehumidifier calculations (hot and cold fluids in one unit), varying coil geometry and fin spacings for each coil (useful for blast freezers, etc.)

Freecooling: Heating Coil + Condenser

  • Focuses on two coil scenarios in series on the air side
  • Scenario 1: Heating Coil + Condenser (common in air water chiller setups)
  • Scenario 2: Cooling Coil + Condenser
  • Parallel fluid side arrangement, allowing distinct fluid feeding

Freecooling: Cooling Coil + Condenser

  • COILS simulates Cooling Coil + Condenser in series for lower condensing temperature
  • Cooling coil lowers condenser temp for improved efficiency

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