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Electric Suite Software

Meet Electric Suite, your all-in-one tool for designing, rating, and selecting various electric heat exchangers. With its user-friendly interface and exceptional versatility, it’s the perfect choice for your everyday calculations. Simplify your work and boost your efficiency with the Electric Suite. Try it today!

Design and Calculation modalities

  • Finned coil
  • Smooth coil 
  • Electric Shell 
  • Vaporizer
  • Indirect electric heat exchangers
  • Calculate using any geometry for coils with or without fins, electric shell with Single Phase fluids, electric vaporizers with Bi Phase fluids (with or without overheating) and indirect electrical heaters
  • Manage geometry data, including fins and resistances, and add new options as needed
  • Access a comprehensive library of thermodynamic and thermo-physical properties for over 300 liquids and gases, including 12 liquid mixtures, and all fluids from the esteemed REFPROP by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Screenshots of Software