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Unit selector Hybrid

UNIT SELECTOR HYBRID is the ultimate software solution designed exclusively for manufacturers. Our advanced tool empowers you to seamlessly select and estimate with unparalleled accuracy. Simplify your HVAC projects and make informed decisions with UNIT SELECTOR HYBRID.

  • Get rapid and accurate unit cooler, air cooler, dry cooler, and remote condenser selection and estimation
  • Seamlessly switch between diverse calculation methods, including direct expansion, pump evaporator, cooling, condensing, and heating for selection and verification modes.
  • In selection the user can select a range of units while in verify mode the user will work around single unit
  • Easily determine noise levels from Fan Curves, ensuring quieter HVAC systems
  • Balancing with Nominal Airflow as well as Fan curve
  • Dry Coolers
  • Air Coolers
  • Remote Condenser
  • Unit Coolers 
  • Gas Cooler
  • Module means the insertion of a ventilation section (one or more fans), a finned packed heat exchanger section (one or more coils) and an additional section comprising the carpentry
  • Create the units automatically by using the preloaded modules and rules generation
  • ADIABATIC MODULE (PAD + SPRAY): Elevate cooling efficiency with adiabatic cooling solutions
  • CO2 GAS COOLER: Embrace eco-friendly CO2 refrigeration for sustainable cooling
  • LT-HT CALCULATION: Get precise low-temperature and high-temperature calculations for optimized HVAC solutions
  • AUTOMATIC CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION SYSTEM: Keep clients informed effortlessly
  • COMMERCIAL LICENSES BUNDLE: Unlock a bundle of licenses for your sales team and partners
  • ANALYSIS TOOL FOR CUSTOMER QUOTATIONS: Gain control over customer quotations with insightful analysis

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