Heat Exchanger Machine

MSD Technologies collaborated with M/s Scholer Gmbh to promote their Heat exchanger machinery in the Indian market specializing in Automotive, HVAC and Power Industry. Located in Germany, Scholer GmbH has invested in the development of machines to ensure that we are capable of meeting the extensive demands of the Heat Exchanger Industry and Automotive HVACR field.

List of Machines

Fin Production

The new standard of modern high end fin rolling machines!

Tube Production

Flexible and efficient solutions for folded and seam-welded thin-gauge profiles!


High-performance core builder and handling systems!

Roll Form Tooling

High precision tooling for profiling of filigree materials!

Scholer’s 85 year old history in the design and manufacture of Heat Exchanger Machinery for the automotive industry has carved a niche in the global market. A world class leader in various products including core assembly machines, Evaporators, Condensers, Water Coolers, Oil Coolers, Charge Air Coolers & many more.

The company’s continuous commitment to quality ensures timely delivery and client satisfaction backed with first class service along with product reliability is insured.

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