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Shell Software

Shell Software is a cutting-edge tool for designing, rating, and choosing shell & tube heat exchangers. It enables automatic creation of new heatexchanger designs from scratch without being confined by specific dimensions or guidelines.

Design and Calculation modalities

  • Fluid – Fluid
  • Evaporating Inside Tubes
  • Condensing Inside tubes
  • Condensing Outside Tubes
  • Flooded Evaporators
  • Spray (falling film) Evaporator
  • Steam Inside tubes
  • Steam Outside tubes

TEMA Printout & 3D Drawing

  • Automatically create plate and heat exchanger drawings following TEMA specifications
  • Export to various formats like AutoCAD, STL, DWG, STEP, IGES
  • Customize plate drawings with maximum tube configurations, either automatically or manually

Plate Drawing

  • Easy to customise your plate drawings 
  • Export drawing in Autodesk format
  • Easily handle liquids, gases, and refrigerants in archives
  • Produce detailed calculation reports with fluid information
  • Access over 140 refrigerants and 440 fluids, including pure liquids, gases, and liquid/gas combinations, in our fluid libraries
  • Heat exchangers in the archives
  • Plate heat exchangers in the archives
  • Free and easy calculation
  • Selection from the exchanger archive
  • Selection from tube sheet plates archive
  • Have complete control over tube, plate, and heat exchanger shapes
  • Create plate drawings with mixed, quadrant, and ribbon arrangements
  • Perform calculations with various types of tubes: smooth, radial finned, grooved, and more

Screenshots of Software

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