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Shark software

SHARK software excels in designing and simulating air/water or water/water liquid chillers, heat pumps, air conditioners, close control units, multifunctional units, condensing units, evaporating units, remote condensers, and specialized projects involving refrigerant cycles. With SHARK, you get a powerful tool to tackle your HVAC design needs.

Quick & Fast Simulation

  • All-in-one Tool: Use a single software for designing all unit components
  • Intuitive and Quick: Easily design new units with an intuitive and fast process
  • Drag and Drop: Simply drag and drop components like evaporators, condensers, compressors, and fans
  • Diverse Component Selection: Choose from various options like evaporator, condensers (air, plate, shell & tube), different compressor types including TURBOCOR®, and various fan types
  • Operation Point Calculation: Calculate complete unit’s operation point after selecting the refrigerant

Special Features

  • Partialization of scroll & screw compressors
  • Partialization of fans in case of air / water Chiller
  • Calculation of ESEER & IPLV ratings
  • Calculation of Energy Index SEER, SCOP & SEPR according to the regulations available on demand
  • We offer a comprehensive range of the latest refrigerants, ensuring you can simulate with confidence. From R454B and R32 to R454C, R1234ze, R1234yf, R600A, Propane, and beyond—we’ve got you covered
  • Precise Calibration for Shell & Tube and PHE Evaporators at multiple points
  • A table is generated for users to input data related to evaporation temperature, capacity, and pressure drops
  • Ideal for rapid feasibility analyses and potential bids
  • Standard & Custom Archive. The standard archive is updated regularly with the main latest models of Compressor, Fan, Evaporator etc
  • Custom Archive allows you to insert independently new Components
  • Create Excel tables of performances for catalogues
  • Customize technical report with all input data, calculated results, and a simple Component list in Word Format
  • Calculate adiabatic system with pad
  • Calculate pressure drops on both air & refrigerant side
  • Available Screw & Scroll inverter compressors (compressors with variable speed). The INVERTER compressor is managed with 1 single 24 coefficients equation!
  • Free Cooling

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