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Product Certification

MSD provides specialized testing and certification services for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration products. Our certification program ensures your product’s safety, reliability, and efficiency, aligning with industry standards. Independent third-party testing verifies product quality and energy sustainability, helping you meet market demands for quality, energy performance, and environmental protection. MSD’s expertise in HVACR industry certification prepares your products for global markets, making us your trusted partner

We assist in acquiring the following product certifications

Advantages of Product Certifications

  • Global Recognition
  • Informed Consumer Choices
  • Enhanced Consumer Confidence
  • Fair Competition
  • Energy Efficiency Compliance
  • Upholding Industry Integrity

Our Key Certifications Program

AHRI – 410 Forced Circulation Air-Cooling & Air-Heating Coils
AHRI – 590 Water Cooled Chilling Package
AHRI – 880 Variable Air Volume Terminals
ASHRAE – 33 Methods of Testing Forced Circulation Air- Cooling and Air-Heating Coils
AMCA – 210 Laboratory Methods of testing Fans for Ratings
AMCA – 301 Methods for Calculating Fan Sound Ratings from Laboratory Test Data
AMCA - 611 Air Flow Measurement Station
AMCA-511 Dampers
EN BS – 1886 Air Handling Units – Mechanical Performance
EN BS – 13053 Air Handling Units – Rating & Performance for Units, Components & sections
UL – 555 Standard for Safety : Fire Damper
UL - 555 S Standard for Safety : Leakage rated Dampers-for use in Smoke Control Systems

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