Coil Easy

Coil Easy, your essential tool for generating manufacturing details. Whether you need sheet metal drawings, circuit optimization, bill of materials, or cost and weight calculations, we’ve got you covered. Simplify your manufacturing processes with ease and precision using Coil Easy.

Design Circuits Automatically

  • It suggests layout solutions based on the number of circuits needed
  • It has the capacity to handle skipped tubes, bends and U-bends
  • Offers manual circuit pattern creation, saving, and loading tools
  • It also provides the guidelines to the end user in the final creation of the circuit
  • Provides user-friendly guidelines for the final circuit creation. Simplify your circuit design process with ease

Export Sheetmetal Drawings & Bill Of Materials

  • Crucial for constructing coil heat exchangers, including frames and manifolds
  • A valuable tool for the Production Department, aiding in cost and weight calculations
  • Simplifies production by creating and exporting sheet metal drawings
  • Enables users to generate an exportable Bill of Materials in Excel format

Exportable 2d And 3d Drawings

  • Easily export 2D drawings in DWG format and 3D drawings in various formats, including ASCII STL, Binary STL, IGES, OBJ, STEP, Bitmap, and EMF
  • It’s an independent tool that perfectly integrates with COILS projects
  • Allows the creation of a new project and the opening of a project from a file saved in COILS Software

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