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Roll Form Tooling

When working with materials between 0.02 mm and 0.5 mm thickness, the demand for expertise and precision is paramount. We specialize in handling such delicate materials daily, serving as the foundation for skilled tool design, even for machines from other manufacturers. Successful precision tool development relies on the seamless coordination of each process step, ensuring you benefit from extended tool lifespan and exceptional quality with consistent accuracy.

Efficient tool design. The key to success

Every profile is unique, making a dependable tool design process essential for swift and efficient execution.

  • Precise strip width determination and forming force calculations
  • Forming process simulations using FEM calculation tools
  • Tool profile end contour assessment through target/actual comparison
  • Error source identification during the design phase
  • Enhanced design for complex tools
  • Reduced production turnaround times
  • Minimized tool testing durations
  • Decreased machine downtimes
  • Extended tool lifespan via high-precision manufacturing processes

We can advise you on all questions relating to the development, design, manufacture and validation of tools for forming and rolling applications.

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