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Tower Suite Software

TOWER SUITE is the ideal software for precision calculations and designs of evaporative condensers and coolers.

Design and Calculation modalities

  • Calculate heat exchangers with smooth tubes (without fins) & fin packed coil heat exchangers with spinodal or integral fins.
  • Flexibility to calculate in both dry and wet mode, and the wide archive of geometries can be enriched by adding new geometries to the existing ones.
  • Edit values through various sublevels of the “project” menu.
  • Modify tube and fin thickness, materials, and calculate manifolds and spray systems.
  • Both modules consider in the archive management section are single-phase and three-phase axial fans
  • Print calculation outcomes on a technical summary page, including psychometric diagrams and technical drawings of the unit.
  • Export results to a PDF file for easy access and sharing.

Screenshots of Software