Introducing UNILAB PCOIL, our cutting-edge software for designing and verifying Pillow Plate Banks. PCOIL offers a versatile range of calculation modes to suit your diverse needs. It excels in Energy Recovery, accommodating gas and steam applications. With the Falling Film Chiller module, you can precisely calculate film thickness and heat transfer coefficients, whether it’s fluid-fluid or DX. Moreover, PCOIL extends its capabilities to cover Air Heaters and Air Coolers, providing a holistic solution. Simplify your heat exchanger design and verification with UNILAB PCOIL’s intuitive and powerful features.

Energy Recovery

  • Gas To Fluid: Ideal for gas-air or gas-fumes applications, it manages single-phase exchanges efficiently.
  • Steam Condenser: Designed for steam condensation tasks, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Exhaust Gas Water/Steam: Utilize exhaust gases to generate steam, enhancing energy efficiency.
  • NEW! Gas to Fluid (Moist Air): Now calculate condensation in moist air, considering latent heat for accurate water flow rate calculations.

Falling Film Chiller

  • Falling Film Chiller Cooling: In this case, on one side we have water to be cooled, while on the other side we have a fluid, i.e., glycol water, which comes from other processes.
  • Falling Film Chiller Evaporating: this is a direct expansion application, so we have refrigerant.

Air Heater

  • Air heater is used to heat air. This type of exchanger is mainly used in seed heating. 
  • Air Heater Steam, Air Heater Oil applications.

Air Cooler

  • Cooling:  fluid inside the pillow is cooled down using air outside.
  • Condensing:  a refrigerant inside the pillow condenses, using air outside, air outside
  • Optimized Design
  • Energy recovery Analysis
  • Qualitative Graph
  • Falling Film Chiller
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Screenshots of Software