BMC Tank

Introducing BMC Tank, the latest innovation tailored for food processing equipment, with a special focus on milk pasteurization in the dairy sector. This versatile tool is your go-to solution for designing and rating tanks, both rectangular and circular, along with “pillow” plate exchangers, offered in two unique modes: direct expansion and glycol.

  • Enables plate layout calculations and detailed geometry analysis.
  • Facilitates design for both single and double embossed pillow plate types
  • Enables plate design with laser soldering, factoring in soldering margin and external curb in final calculation.
  • Automates passage divider positioning for added convenience.
  • Ideal for ENV328 compliant applications, critical for food and beverage sector.
  • Accommodates up to 4 milkings, meeting regulatory standards.
  • Real-time monitoring of essential milk cooling time.
  • Provides necessary cooling capacity for efficient batch processes.
  • Calculate agitator count, speed, and paddle diameter.
  • Inclusive fluids library for adding new fluids and mixtures.
  • No limitations on refrigerant plate design; compute plates divided into multiple circuits or passages.

Screenshots of Software