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RADIATOR SUITE stands as the top choice for accurately rating compact heat exchangers in the automotive industry. With its versatility, it accommodates various geometries, including corrugated, louvered fins, corrugated, smooth, offset strip, single port tube, and multiport tubes. Trust RADIATOR SUITE for accurate automotive heat exchanger calculations.

  • Tube & Fin
  • Plate & Fin
  • CAC Core ASSLY
  • PAF3 & ALOA. 
  • Calculation of different combinations of monophase fluids.
  • Tube & Fin allows the calculation of combinations of monophase fluids aeriform-liquid.
  • Plate & Fin module handles diverse monophase fluid combinations, including aeriform-aeriform, aeriform-liquid, and liquid-liquid, giving you flexibility and accuracy.
  • CAC Core ASSLY allows the calculation of combinations of monophase fluids: aeriform-aeriform or liquid-liquid.
  • PAF3 allows to design a combined radiator, and is a software capable of handling three separated gas flows impelling on the same heat exchanger.
  • ALOA is your solution for crafting radiators with a round tube core configuration. It accommodates brass materials with oval tubes (in-line or staggered) and flat copper fins, offering flexibility in design with options for louvered or dimpled fins. Explore new possibilities with ALOA
  • Calculation with Humid Air (additional module)
  • Multi-calculation feature to perform multiple calculations using various parameters such as relative humidity and pressure!
  • PAF3 now considers condensing of compressed air inside the tubes of an intercooler, allowing you to obtain the outlet fluid flow of compressed air and the outlet RH. 
  • The compressed air inside the tubes undergoes dehumidification, which occurs at higher temperatures, with or without specific humidity. 

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