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Product certification

Product certification has to commensurate according to the performance ratings of Air conditioning and Refrigeration products. Each product has to perform according to their respective standards and guidelines laid down.
The main motive is to gain customer confidence and to develop an atmosphere of reliance. A yardstick of manufacture, integrity and accuracy is laid which has to be complied to. This leads to better business and production ethics.    
Certification program is a voluntary program that fits into the manufacturer’s published claims. Products that require certification program are continuously tested by an independent third party laboratory under the supervision of the certification organization. This leads to determining the viability of the products conforming to the product rating standards and the specifications given.


  • Assure buyers are convinced about the validity ratings of the products. There is no apprehension regarding the manufacturers products & units.
  • The marketing of products with invalid ratings is minimized.
  • Ethics & business morals are promoted.
  • It insures industry driven standards.
  • Facilitates compliance to varied state and country efficiency regulations.           
  • Serves as an accredited certification body to participants for compliance with energy star qualification.
  • Promotes applicable tax credits and discussion forums.
  • Matches verification and reporting requirements in commensuration with state & government rules & regulations.


  • World Recognition.
  • Provides consumers with reliable yardstick for equipment comparison for purchasing & sales.
  • Enhances consumer confidence, – independent testing verifies that the product will perform as the manufacturer claims.
  • Provides a level playing field for manufactures competing products are tested and rated to the same standard or specification.
  • Insures compliance with energy star verification and reporting requirements.
  • Faith & integrity is maintained in the HVAC & R Industry.

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