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Dehumidifier Heat Pipe

DEHUMIDIFIER HEAT PIPE is the new revolutionary software for the selection and the design of monoflat and wrap-around heat pipe exchangers. The software is intended for companies in the HVAC industry that mainly operate in conditions of temperature and air humidity very high.

The exchanger is composed by:

  • A precooling section, which is the evaporating side
  • A reheating section, which is the condensing side.
Between these two sections there is a space where is wrapped around the cooling coil. This type of exchanger is used in tropical climates to cool and dehumidify the air, given that the temperature and the relative humidity of the inlet air are very high.
Additional Features:
  • Possibility to insert the value of air flow and air pressure
  • Possibility to choose another parameter (among relative humidity, enthalpy, humidity ratio and wet bulb temperature) of the air to coupled with the dry bulb temperature to make the calculation
  • Possibility to choose whether to calculate an heat pipe exchanger of 2 different types: wrap-around or monoflat
  • Indication of the cooling coil capacity to use and the capacity of the two sections (precooling and reheating) of the heat pipe
  • Display of values of temperatures, specific humidity at the output, the pressure drops of the cooling coil, of the various capacities, the amount of produced water and the efficiency of the exchanger
  • Representation on the psychometric chart of the processing done by the calculated heat pipe
  • Possibility to customize the archive with own data, such as the sizes of the heat pipe, the features of the geometries, etc. and to set the default type of information like the fluid to use, the default geometry, etc.
  • Calculation of the refrigerant charge