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Shark (Chillers)

SHARK is the technical software indispensable to the thermal designer in the development of liquid coolers, heat pumps, conditioners.

With SHARK, the design of a chiller or a heat pump is intuitive and easy. In one working platform, it is possible to design a new unit:
  • Evaporators and condensers (air, plate or shell and tube)
  • Compressors
  • Fans (axials and centrifugals)
  • Thermostatic Valves
SHARK identifies the converging point of the system, giving a detailed table of results of calculation of the unit complete (evaporating temperature, condensing temperature, cooling capacity / total / sensible, power and current consumption of the compressor and fans, EER and COP, ESEER).
SHARK includes a library of standard components already loaded of major companies operating in the HVAC field, which are updated as constantly as data updates are released by various manufacturers.
Main functionalities of the Shark software: 
  • Layout of chiller
  • Scheme layout setting
  • Finned Packed condenser settings
  • Compressor selection
  • Evaporator Plate Heat Exchanger selection
  • Creation of the second circuit in two clicks
  • Calculation and setting of the air flow
  • Calculation Results.
Additional features:
  • All the libraries of the exchangers, the compressors and fans are updatable.
  • Extensive integration of knowledge developed over 25 years
  • Automated composition of air/water: design a new chiller in a simple and precise way which will reflect the requested thermal components using only the stock
  • Calibration system provided for each specific type of component generic, to fit the results with the catalog data already published
  • Calculation of partialization capacity of the flow of axial fans as the condensation temperature (Varies)
  • Possibility to partialize multi scroll compressor units and multi-circuit, specifying which compressors are turned on or off
  • Capacity control of screw compressors from 0 to 100% yield
  • Ability to partialize the fan group: on / off the fans
  • Management of the number of the partialization (1 to 12) and automatic calculation of the capacity
  • Automated calculation of ESEER
  • Creation of Tables in Excel or capacity pressure drops (only for fan coil and water / air) of a single unit or a series with the temperature variation
  • Creation of detailed printouts showing all the technical data of the units