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Plate & Fin

With Plate & Fin application you can calculate compact Heat Exchanger. This exchanger is made of two plates and in between there is an exchange element which is either Fin or a Bar.

Different Fin Configurations are given below:



  • Power Sector

  • Automotive Sector
Plate & Fin sizes compact Heat Exchanger in Verify mode & always used in single Phase Exchanger. Fluids don’t change the phase in Single Phase Exchanger. It means the fluid keeps the same physical state at both entry & exit points. The software considers different fluids combinations:
  • Air-Air: Air to Air Energy Recovery

  • Air-Oil: Car Radiators

  • Air-Glycol: Car Radiators

  • Liquid-Liquid: Other Applications

 Technical Specifications
  • Archieve Management Tool (Customers, Materials, Fluids, Plate & Fin)

  • Unit Measure Systems

  • Detailed Print Out

  • User Management (Company & Logo)