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MICROCHANNEL is the new revolutionary software for the design of condensers of refrigerant fluids in a microchannel (compact heat exchangers where the multiport diameter is lower than 2 mm).

Preference for MICROCHANNEL

Compact heat exchangers are mostly used in the AUTOMOTIVE and HVAC fields. They are lighter than traditional condensers: a feature that allows a considerable saving, both in terms of cost and size. Microchannel condensers are high performance exchangers.  In spite of their small dimensions, they emit higher global heat transfer coefficients.
The final user can define the number of ports and the different types of fins required in microchannel condensers. In a simplified form, the final user can select the number of passes (up to 10 passes), improving the distribution of tubes for each pass and the global heat transfer coefficient. This new software allows the analysis of the several phases: deoverheating, condensing and subcooling. MICROCHANNEL, from the air side, has scope for allowing other types of gases besides the air.

Technical Specification

  • Microchannel allows the analysis of the several phases: deoverheating, condensing and subcooling.

  • Possibility to set for each passage (up to 10 passes) a variable number of tubes.

  • The program works with a modality called’ VERIFY”. Verify means that  all the parameters and data that define the exchanger and also calculate its capacity, pressure drops and heat exchange coefficient etc. It includes the possibility of the calculation of the balance point with axial fans and compressors (including archive administration).

  • The following available typologies are: BARS, FINS (Plain triangular, Plain rectangular, Wavy, Offset Strip and Multilouvered).

  • Side fluid and side refrigerant fluid Definition of sides by thermodynamic and geometrical data

  • Microchannel uses the thermophysical and thermodynamic properties of Gases (Pure, Mixtures and Bi-phase fluids), the archive of materials and the archive of geometries (bars & fins)


  • The following printouts are available:
    • Brief printout (Technical Data)
    • Detailed printout (Further Technical Data)
    • Thermophysical Properties

  • Possibility to create charts.

  • The program allows scope for archive offers. It restores calculations. It saves calculation in files rendering it easy to make catalogues.

  • The logo can be customized easily and corporate data managed likewise.

  • Activation by the USB Key.

  • Physical delivery (backup copy CD and USB key) by the courier.

  • The program is available in the english language. Other languages on demand.

  • Online upgrades are done according to the latest release.