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With SHELL Software we can design, Rate and select your Exchanger in seven different modalities-

  • Fluid – Fluid

  • Evaporation inside tubes

  • Condensation inside tubes

  • Condensation outside tubes

  • Flooded evaporator

  • Steam inside tubes

  • Steam outside tubes


The software has a wide Thermo Physics Library with the possibility to insert new fluids and mixtures. The fluid library now includes more than 140 refrigerants and 440 fluids among pure liquids, pure gas and liquid or gas mixtures. User may completely manage all geometrical features line tube, plates, nozzles etc.
If your company builds different type of heat exchangers then UniSuite is the ideal solution to meet your requirements.
We have integrated EHE Software for the design and rate of electric heaters and PHE for brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.



  1. Five calculation modalities

    • Heat exchangers in the archives
    • Plate heat exchangers in the archives
    • Free and easy calculation
    • Selection from the exchanger archive.
    • Selection from tubesheet plates archive

  2. Calculation in the ‘Design’, ‘Verify’ and ‘Selection’ modes.

  3. Design from scratch specially with the required capacity.

  4. Wide archive with the physical properties of hundreds of Liquids, gases and refrigerants.

  5. Detailed and elaborate calculation report.

  6. Complete management of geometrical features of tubes, plates and heat exchanger.

  7. Completely automated tube shell plate drawing that supports mixed, quadrant and ribbon displacements both vertical and horizontal.

  8. Upgrade of new release by download.

  9. Possibility of printout in PDF & Word document.

  10. The software can activated with the smart key.

  11. Online technical support available easily.