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Coils is the best selling solution for HVAC field. Worldwide customers are fully satisfied with COILS. It has been graded as one of the best tools for calculation of air cooled units, Fan coil units, air coils, industrial chiller, room air conditioning, air handling units and others.

Coil is an independent software. More than two decades of specialized and professional experience accumulatedfrom experimental data and scientific research. The software is adept at calculating even latest available new geometries with appropriate markings certified by the laboratory results.
Unique Features

  • The calculations can be made both on low & high temperatures range.

  • Shell & Tube exchanger can be simulated with rectangular square construction.

  • The calculation allows simultaneous analysis of multiple coils. This is relevant both on the supply & return as well on the hydraulic circuit side.

Useful for Automotive Radiators
Unilab Coil is immensely useful in the automotive industry for radiators built with rectangular tubes. Calculations for the verification & design of radiators with linear fins to cool endothermic engines, applicable for both aligned & staggered tubes.

Product Certification
Coil program is very helpful tool for obtaining ‘Eurovent’ or ‘AHRI’ certifications. In most of the cases software results in terms of power and pressure drop are within acceptable limit comparing to laboratory test.

Technical Specification

1.   New geometries can be added.

2.   Software is useful for calculating in radiators used in the automotive sector. Radiators having rectangular tubes or rounded tubes.

3.   Archive management of liquid(pure & mixture), gases(pure & mixture) and Refrigerant (wide library)

4.   Archive management of materials like tubes fin manifold and others.

5.   Calculation modalities: heating, Cooling, Steam, condensing direct expansion & pump evaporator.

6.   Overheating and subcooling analysis feature is available.

7.   Skipped tubes can be simulated.

8.   Detailed coil cost calculation can be done.

9.   Calculation and diagram of vapour compression cycle

10.    Line pressure drops

11.   Axial fan and compressor calculation is possible with balance points.

12. Smooth tube analysis can be done without fins. These are the typologies for the same:

  • Heating
  • Cooling Condensing
  • Direct expansion
  • Steam & Pump Evaporator