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AHU is the tool that we recommends for HVAC companies which need to design or rate Air Handling Units.

AHU software is very handy. Its autonomous management, with quick steps, allows it to achieve selection completion.
This software has a dual  purpose:

1)    It is a technical design tool to build a new unit.

2)    A commercial tool to give to agents/sales engineers who need to provide multiple quotations in a short space of time.

Design Air Handling Units with focus on total cost

AHU can monitor effectively

  • Variables related to cost, Price and weight.

  • Possible to estimate the labour cost.

Numerous types of calculation

AHU provides the opportunity to process many types of calculation:

Through the COILS calculation engine it is possible to calculate heating, cooling, direct expansion, steam and condensing coils in AHU. 
Customers using heat recovery, AHU also permits the estimation of such coils.  The components analysis is carried out using the DLL internal method. The third party calculation DLLs can also be integrated.

Comprehensive newer model AHU CAD 3D

AHU 3D is the new version AHU software which allows it to create an air handling unit and display it in 3D view.
CAD 3D is the right solution for companies which desire to technically promote the work of the project department.
There are two steps the user may create an air handling unit and evaluate if the unit really satisfies own requirements.
Through the 3D view the user can evaluate the real sizing of box and easily add new components (accessories, portholes, doors, omega profiles, etc.). The new product CAD 3D allows you to create and design air handling units  from SCRATCH, starting by air flow data, frontal velocity and dimension of coil or directly by dimensional data required.
This application is very simple and intuitive: it allows the creation of the scheme of the unit, to calculate and select all components required and eventually to create the 3D view of the unit. Furthermore it is possible to export all views of unit in DXF, to create the list of panels and profiles, the bill of material of the unit and to do a quotation.  
Certificate your products using AHU software

Our software complies with Eurovent requirements and all our customers who have applied, have achieved certification using our AHU software.

Technical Specification

  • Calculation of cost, weight, labour and time.

  • Unit layout in horizontal and double deck with option of multiple series, multiple models along with mixing chambers.

  • Inclusive of the coil program.

  • Two fan DLLs included, possibility of adding another fan DLLs also.

  • Provision for including new fans.

  • DLL method for static heat recovery.

  • Psychometric chart.

  • The program satisfies the requirement of Eurovent.

  • 3D CAD module with scratch option.

  • Bill of material of profiles and panels.

  • Online technical support and ability to upgrade to the latest release.

  • Printouts could be saved in PDF and Excel document.